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There are quite a few things you might want to know about medigap costing. There are many points which should be kept in mind and considered before opting for it or knowing about Medicare supplement cost. The premiums of medigap or Medicare supplement has to be paid by you only, original Medicare won’t pay a bit of it.

Helps to pay your bills

Medigap insurance companies get your part B claim information directly from Medicare when you agree and sign Medicare supplement contract and the medigap policies you agreed to have. The medigap providers deals and pays the doctor directly and also provides their services for the claims of part A.

You might request your doctor or physician to join in Medicare if your medigap provider company don’t have or provides these services. If you chose your medigap providers to pay your doctor once he joined, they will have to do so. That means assignments for all medical patients will be accepted

Medigap plans – comparing costs

It might be possible that different medigap providers charge different amount of money or premium amounts/rates for same or identical policy. Therefore before you come to a conclusion make sure that you are comparing and discussing the same policy.

For example: if you take plan A of a certain company or medigap providers for comparison, make sure that you compared it with plan A of the other one. Comparing one plan with some other type of plan won’t give the desired result. Moreover it will be a total wrong derivation of data, facts, value and figures.

MEDIGAP SELECT is another type of medigap policy that you may also find in some states. The special or different feature or thing in it is, you will have a period of 12 month / 1 year from the date of purchase of the policy to switch back to a medigap standard policy.

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